Betway Tanzania Jackpot
Betway Tanzania Jackpot

GSB Tanzania – Affiliate Program

Gal Sport Betting (GSB) is an acclaimed leader not only in the African betting industry but in Tanzania as well. Its success is built upon the expansive array of betting options that include sports betting, live betting, virtual games, and casino services. Renowned for its distinctive brand identity, the bookie resonates deeply with local bettors, making it a trusted and recognizable choice in the local market.

GSB’s affiliate program is specifically tailored for the market and is designed to foster strong partnerships with local webmasters and marketers. It enables prospect partners to effectively promote GSB’s services while earning substantial commissions in return.

Program Structure and Membership

  • Joining the Program
    The registration process of the program is streamlined and comes down to filling out a detailed form. It captures essential personal and business information, including personal identity details, contact information for reliable communication, and specifics about their business if applicable. Prospective affiliates also create a secure password and choose their operating country to ensure compliance with local laws. Additionally, there is an opportunity to submit any relevant additional information that might aid in their promotional strategies. Affiliates finalize their registration by verifying and submitting their data, which ensures all information is accurate and compliant with regulatory requirements.
  • Commission Models and Earnings
    Affiliates begin with a commission rate of 20% of the net profit generated from new users they refer, applicable for the first three months. This rate is designed to increase to 25% after the initial period, provided the affiliate consistently brings in at least five new users each month. The earning potential is dynamically adjusted based on the quality of the referred traffic and the resulting revenue generated from these new users.

Marketing Tools and Support

  • Promotional Materials
    Upon acceptance, affiliates are equipped with a range of pre-approved promotional materials that align with various marketing strategies. The tools include banners, text links, and more, all of which are regularly updated to ensure relevance and effectiveness in campaign strategies.
  • Tracking and Reporting
    GSB provides a sophisticated tracking system that allows affiliates to monitor their traffic and earnings in real-time. This system aids affiliates in optimizing their promotional efforts and strategizing more effectively based on accurate and timely data.

Payouts and Financial Transactions

  • Payout Structure
    Commissions are calculated monthly and are paid by the 15th of the following month, provided the affiliate’s earnings have met the minimum threshold of $50 for electronic payments or $100 for wire transfers. An important aspect of the payout structure is the management of negative balances, where a negative revenue in one month will be carried over to the next until a positive balance is achieved.
  • Payment Methods
    GSB processes payments through various methods suitable for the Tanzanian market, including bank wire transfers and electronic wallets. The program adheres to local legal requirements, such as withholding tax, which is deducted from the commissions.

Compliance and Legal Responsibilities

  • Advertising and Placement
    Affiliates must ensure all advertising materials comply with Tanzanian legal standards and ethical guidelines. Any personally created promotional content must be submitted for moderation and approval before being published to prevent compliance breaches.
  • Intellectual Property and Brand Usage
    Strict rules govern the use of GSB’s brand and related trademarks. Affiliates are prohibited from using the company’s logos and trademarks without explicit permission, ensuring the brand’s integrity and consistency are maintained.


GSB’s affiliate program offers a structured, lucrative partnership for individuals and businesses capable of driving new users to its betting platform in Tanzania. With competitive commission rates, robust support, and comprehensive compliance measures, the program is designed to foster successful promotional activities while maintaining high standards of professionalism and brand alignment. It not only helps in monetizing affiliate traffic but also enhances the betting experience for new users, contributing to GSB’s broader goals in the Tanzanian market.


  • What are the payment methods available?

    GSB affiliates in Tanzania can receive their payments through several methods, including bank wire transfers, electronic wallets like PayPal and Skrill, and other localized payment methods suitable for the local market.

  • What kind of support does GSB offer to its affiliates?

    GSB offers comprehensive support to its affiliates through experienced affiliate managers who provide regular updates on promotions, features, and strategies to optimize marketing efforts and increase earnings.

  • Can an affiliate promote GSB outside of Tanzania?

    While the primary focus is on the Tanzanian market, affiliates may have the opportunity to target users outside the country, subject to GSB’s policies and the legal gambling regulations of the targeted countries.

  • What if an affiliate fails to meet the minimum requirements ?

    In such a case, GSB may adjust the terms of cooperation, which can include reducing the commission rate or suspending the affiliate account until performance improves.

  • What kind of support does GSB offer to its affiliates?

    The operator offers comprehensive support to its affiliates through experienced affiliate managers who provide regular updates on promotions, features, and strategies to optimize marketing efforts and increase earnings.