Betway Tanzania Jackpot
Betway Tanzania Jackpot

Mcheza Tanzania Review

mCHEZA is one of the most active and advancing African bookmakers. It was established back in 2015 year in Kenya and since then the company has been invested nearly 20 million of USD in its progress and service portfolio development. The key moment, especially for us, in this betting house’s advance is the establishment of the Tanzanian website version, which, by the way, happened in December 2017 year.

The young Tanzanian betting page takes the advantage of the company’s experience in other countries, which is now it has more content than the average bookie in our country, although we still have some small rebukes about several details. For example, the banners in the English version are shown in Swahili, which of course, isn’t a problem for most Tanzanians, but it might be an obstacle for the guests in our country.

The Tanzanian mCHEZA website version is still poorer in comparison to other mCHEZA website versions. For instance, here we don’t find the casino games, the free prediction game and a part of the virtual sports we meet in the Kenyan version. As to the bet offer range we, though, have no rebukes and why this is so you are about to figure it out if you continue reading this review. However, let’s at first start with some other very important question – is it possible to place bets in mCHEZA via mobile devices?

mCHEZA Tanzania App – Mobile betting

The answer to the question about mobile betting in mCHEZA is, fortunately, positive. Mobile bets can be placed via the internet address We can point out one that mCHEZA Mobile has a very simple and clean design, which adds some sense of stylish due to the priority of the dark colour scheme and the arrangement.

mCHEZA app android download

One of the few not so good things in the company’s mobile version is that the button for downloading the Android app is one small link that is hidden in the website bottom and that can be truly easily missed especially by those of you who don’t know where to look for it. Well, now when you know this important information, you are not going to have such a problem. The bookie, though, obviously, has no intention to make an app for Apple devices at this stage of its advance.

mCHEZA Football and sport bets

The experienced punters knows it better than most of the bookmakers in Tanzania don’t pay any serious attention on any different than football sport disciplines. It is obvious, though, that this is the top number one sport type in our country, but, yet, it is always a good thing when we have an option to place a bet on some cricket or basketball event, for instance. mCHEZA doesn’t just offer us this opportunity, but even goes further by accepting bets on the incredible number of 50 other sport disciplines. We will, though, make all football fans calm by mentioning that most of the matches from the rest sports are not at the expense of the reduced number of football events. The things in this gambling website are truly balanced and in the Football section you will find odds for nearly 1 000 upcoming events every single moment you view the program.

Everything would be truly wonderful if the profit margin in the odds did not start with 12-13% for the top events. In the average level of 8-10% for this margin in Tanzania, we just cannot remain indifferent to what mCHEZA offers. The Tanzanian punters truly rely on the possibility to get some good profits from their bets and maybe, the low odds in mCHEZA represent the main reason for the company not to succeed in making such a fast and successful breakthrough as the other betting operators achieved while also being on the market since 2017 year.

Live section

By excluding the fact that the live bets are also with low odds and that practically, they don’t offer any live streaming, although in theory this function is available for several matches per day, every other thing in the Live section offered by mCHEZA responds to all of ours requirements.

mCHEZA virtual sports

mCHEZA’s officially registered customers can watch and place bets on the 24/7 virtual sports that are by the way, developed by the European company Inspired. Once again, though, we cannot say that the odds here are too small, but we also need to mark that excluding the odds, the quality of this service is just superb.

mCHEZA bonus

Although in Kenya mCHEZA used to offer deposit bonuses – or at least in the beginning of its existence – in Tanzania the audience isn’t pleased with such an offer and this is how our audience remains only with the company’s Multibet bonus which starts from 10% for the bet slip with 5 or 6 selections and reaches 50% for the bet slips with more than 10 selections.

mCHEZA Registration

This gambling company’s experience shows that the faster a registration process in a bookie works, the more eager punters are to make such. Due to this the betting house has made everything possible to make the registration as fast as possible. What you have to do in order to open an account in this platform is to fill in 4 fields – telephone number, e-mail address and two equal fields for the account password. Once you fill in these fields you will become a member of this first-class bookmaker’s family.
Click the golden button Join that is placed on the top right side of your screen and you will see the 4 fields.

mCHEZA deposit

All Vodacome’s and Tigo’s customers can deposit via their phones or via the menus of these mobile operator’s apps. The problem is that if you are a customer of other mobile operator you will not be able to make a deposit in mCHEZA.

mCHEZA contact – customer support service

This gambling company truly cares for the quality of its customer support service and to tell you the truth, we have no doubts about it as this service in mCHEZA is perfect. When you need to use the service you will ensure in this statement, too. Moreover – you will be truly pleased if you decide to use the live chat as thanks to it the customer support representative’s assistance becomes not only useful and kind, but very fast – for less than a second!