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1xBet is a bookmaker based in Europe, to be more specific in Russia that has started its activity quite later than the most popular European bookmakers have, but, though, has succeeded in leaving most of them behind regarding a whole range of factors. This betting house has created one very beautiful desktop website with a big variety of functions. However, some users till complain about several things regarding the page – for instance, for the fact it works in a comparatively slower way when being opened via older computer models. This problem, though, has been eliminated in the mobile website version, as well as in 1xBet applications we are going to tell you more about in the following lines by putting an accent on things like application download process, as well as on everything that should be done after downloading.

Downloading 1xBet Mobile App for Android devices

You can get 1xBet app with a single effort – by pressing on one single button. This button, though, cannot be found in the official Google Play Store – do not try to seek for the bookie’s application there as you are not going to find it. Instead, all Android consumers can find the app download button in the gambling operator’s official website. Here are all the steps to perform for the entire procedure:

  1. You need to in advance check out your mobile device settings. To be more specific, see if the acceptance of installation of files from unknown sources is enabled. If it is not, make the change.
  2. Find 1xBet Apps page in the bookmaker’s mobile website version (there’s a button that is going to take you this page and it can be found in the bottom of the home page)
  3. Select Android application
  4.  In a minute or a couple of minutes the application will be installed on your mobile device

Downloading 1xBet Mobile App for iOS devices

Fortunately, Apple has no restrictions regarding the apps and this fact makes iOS users’ lives easier as they do not have to use the betting operator’s mobile website version to get the app installation file. Instead, you can easily find it via Apple App Store search.
Please, have in mind that there’s a specially tailored app for iPad devices which will work smoothly on this type of a device, so we strongly recommend you to download it in case you own an iPad.

What should be your smartphone / tablet so you can download 1xBet App?

Before everything else it is a must for us to tell you that your device should run either on Android, or on iOS. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to start 1xBet app. As to the Windows Phone and all the other operating systems for mobile devices, the bookie’s application is not available or compatible.

But this isn’t the only requirement to use 1xBet app as the oldest versions of Android and iOS are not compatible to the application, either. To be more specific, the Android versions which are older than 4.1 version and the iPhone or iPad versions that are older than 9.0 are not compatible.

For all the users who own devices that do not correspond to these requirements, the only alternative is using mobile website browser version.

Other 1xBet applications

Till now we have talked about the Russian gambling operator’s main application. They do contain most of the gambling services such as:

  • Sport
  • Live category
  • TV games
  • Live Casino
  • Financial trading
  • Tote games
  • Betinstructor
  • And many others

Though, meanwhile, for services like the betting house’s poker room, for instance, there are specially tailored apps. In addition to these, the betting company has developed one very modern browser which secures the faster connection to the Russian gambling website and on the other side, serves the role of software from where the rest websites from internet are accessible.

All iOS consumers can find these apps as forms of related apps to the main Apple App Store app. However, regarding these additional apps those of you who own Android smartphones are put in a more difficult situation as in the company’s mobile website version there’s no link to them. You can find such a link in the desktop website version.

The browser app can be downloaded via the page developed especially for the mobile apps, while the poker app is available with a link in the category Poker. This is quite inconvenient and we believe the gambling company is supposed to solve the problem, but excluding the obstacles regarding the downloading process, in any other matter and considering the fact that there are additional 1xBet apps, mobile activity in 1xBet is convenient and truly awesome.