Betway Tanzania Jackpot
Betway Tanzania Jackpot

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ThroneBet is a Tanzanian bookmaker with more than 30 physical departments in the capital. This bookie relies on its big team formed of total experts in the betting sphere, as well as mathematicians and statistic specialists. The team is the one the betting company counts on when it comes to offering odds for the markets that cannot be found anywhere else.

Throne Bet Mobile Apk Download

It is very necessary to mention that in difference to many other bookmakers we present you in our website, Throne Bet does not offer any online bets. The main purpose of the company’s website is to inform the customers for various things – such as the program, the odds for the offered bets, the official scores, including live scores, as well as the available bonuses. On the other side, punters can place bets only via Throne Bet’s physical shops.

Yet, the established in 2015 year betting company has an intention to enter the online market, too, so soon we can expect the online betting platform and similar functions.

Throne Bet Football and Sport bets

Throne Bet provides nearly 300 matches per day in its program and they come not only from the football world, but also from the rest top popular sport disciplines – tennis, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, handball, volleyball and baseball.

What is even more interesting about this bookie is that it offers types of bets you cannot find in any other bookie. For example, here you can place bet on one very complicated combination bet such as “The guest to be ahead in the score till the break and eventually to win the game while the total number of the scores to be even”.

As you might have already noticed it, the offline bookies provide lower odds than the online bookies, so don’t expect Throne Bet to give you as high odds as many internet betting pages have. We hope that with the release of the online betting service the gambling company to eventually start providing higher odds.

Throne Bet Bonus

For an offline betting operator it’s untypical to provide bonuses, however, Throne Bet pleases the multiple bet lovers with one very special promotion. In this offer the more events you’ve got in your bet slip, the bigger bonus you will have over your profit. To be more specific, here’s how the bonus for the multiple bet works in this bookie:

  • 5% bonus for bet slips with 6 selections
  • 10% bonus for bet slips with 7 selections
  • 15% bonus for bet slips with 8 selections
  • 20% bonus for bet slips with 9 selections
  • 25% bonus for bet slips with 10 selections
  • 30% bonus for bet slips with 11-15 selections
  • 50% bonus for bet slips with 16-25 selections
  • 100% bonus for bet slips with more than 25 selections

This bonus isn’t small at all as in similar promotions given in other betting operators the percentage is usually equal to the number of the selections. In other words, in case of 16 matches in the bet slip the profit is increased with 16%. As you can see above, here your profit in such a bet slip and with all the 16 selections won you will have your profit increased with 50%.
We can only hope the online betting system in this bookmaker to start soon in order to check out the rest of its bonuses – for example, the promotion for the new customers.

Throne Bet Contact – customer support service

In the betting company’s page there’s a section called Contact. It is from where you can send a message, alongside with your names and e-mail address. As you can think off, you will receive an answer on your e-mail. We could not find the company’s telephone number, so apparently, up to now the online contact form via messages is the only way to reach Throne Bet.